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Golf Stole My Brain

Great Golf Books

  • Description

Golf Stole My Brain is filled with previously unpublished stories and is illustrated with some of the funniest, most unusual golf photographs ever.

Whether it is the story of how Al Capone managed to shoot himself whilst playing a round, or the German farmer who filed a lawsuit against a nearby golf club claiming they had 'murdered' thirty of his cows, absolutely nothing is out-of-bounds!

Dale Concannon has written a wonderful book that lets us in on the captivating story of golf and the manic obsessives who have earned a place in legend with their whacky fairway antics. This book is a trawl through the best and worst players ever to pick up a titanium 3 wood.

About the author: Dale Concannon is a respected golf journalist and a former golf pro. He has written twenty-two books including the Sunday Times-bestselling biography of Nick Faldo, Driven. He has also published dozens of articles in a variety of national golf, travel, and outdoor publications.