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Tru-Roll Golf Putter TR1


  • Description

The Tru-Roll Putter, no more Miss-hits

Discover the Advantage

Tru-Roll are changing the face of putting, literally! The round face putters are more consistent at set up and virtually eliminate skidding, making proper distance control easily obtained. They also have dramatically increased forgiveness on miss-hits. Try one out and discover the Tru-Roll advantage for yourself!

With traditional flat-faced putters, proper hand position is critical to hitting good putts as it affects the loft on your putter. If your hands are too far forward, or too far back, you will struggle making solid contact, getting the ball on your intended line and controlling the distance.

With a Tru-Roll Putter, your hand position does not affect the loft. This increases the error-margin, directly resulting in more putts made, less three-putts and therefore lower scores


Product Description

·         Lie : 71º

·         Offset: None

·         Length : 33″, 34″, 35″

·         Head weight: 350g

·         Finishes : Black PVD, Satin & Brass

·         Grip: Custom Tru-Roll Grip