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Puttout Golf Practice Mat


  • Description

This highly durable putting mat has a heavy-duty rubber backing that rolls flat on most surfaces, so you can practice your putting anywhere. The putting mats are available in two colour variations, green and slate grey. The Mat comes complete with printed alignment guides, distance markers and target points.

  • Repeat Putt - 25 Putts in a row, start again if you miss
  • Killer Putting Drill - Increase putt length by 2 feet each time and if you miss, lose a life and go again
  • Pace Putting Drill - Putt the ball to stop in the designated end zone
  • Alignment lines - Use the guides to help work on your stroke


•          Stimp reading of 10, reflecting realistic speeds of a medium-to-fast green

•          Two colour options - one bold, vivid and unashamedly shouts “golf green!”, the other understated and modern to fit in at home

•          Heavy-duty, 1100gsm durable, rubber backing promoting a high-quality feel

•          Remains consistently flat for a smooth roll, from unboxing through its lifespan

•          Discreet and useful packaging bag for keeping the mat safe, clean and can even be hung out of the way with the attached drawstrings

•          Comes complete with alignment and guidelines, as well as target points

•          Foot measurement markings to practice consistency of speed, but also to work on whatever distance the user feels most beneficial

•          The mat can be used with the accompanying PuttOUT, but doesn't necessarily have to

•          This is a branded product and reflecting our first quality product

•          Considered design, created by golfers, for golfers