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Golf Books

Golf Stole My Brain

Written by Dale Concannon, this golf flavoured book highlights the idiosyncratic nature of golf and the often messianic fervour of those who play it.
Rory Mcllroy - The Champion Golfer

Rory Mcllroy - The Champion Golfer. Frank Worrall presents the fascinating story of one of golf's greatest ever talents.
Rickie Fowler Par Excellence

Read the story of Twenty-six-year-old Fowler, America’s answer to Rory McIlroy. Together they represent the gifted faces of golf for a new era: two young men destined to contest a Trans-Atlantic rivalry for that coveted World No. 1 spot.
The History of Golf in Fifty Holes

This charming gift book is a must-have for all armchair and fairway golf enthusiasts. Packed with hints, rule and fascinating insights. The History of Golf in 50 Holes is required reading for golfers of any ability and background.