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Jelly Practice Golf Ball 6 PK


  • Description

The Jelly Practice Golf Ball is perfect for practice indoors or out, the new Longridge Jelly Practice Golf Balls are constructed from a special rubber compound, combining a soft core with a tough, durable outer layer. This construction is specially designed to offer the same neighbourhood-friendly properties of foam or plastic balls while emulating the feel and behaviour of real golf balls more accurately. The squidgy material makes the ball ideal for practice indoors or out without risking breakages, and features low-flight and low-bounce characteristics to prevent them flying out of bounds into your neighbours gardens. The Jelly Practice Balls come in a pack of 6.


·         Simulates real golf balls more accurately than foam and plastic golf balls

·         Perfect for practice indoors or out

·         Reduced flight and bounce prevents the balls flying out of bounds into your neighbours' gardens